** Vocable Code receives The Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature

** Unerasable Images receives the Expanded Media Award of Network Culture in Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2019.

Exhibition: 8.Mar till 28.Apr, 2019 Unerasable Images @ Galleri Image

Panel: 2. Feb @ Transmediale, “Building Archives for Evidence and Collective Resistance”

Exhibition: Unerasable Images @ Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Expanded Media

Exhibition: 26/10-24/2 Unerasable Images @ The Photographers’ Gallery as part of “All I Know Is What’s On The Internet

Title: Unerasable Images

The project, Unerasable Images, is a collection of my screenshots that are taken over a year in 2017 from Google search engine with the Chinese characters “六四” as the image keyword search.

Title: Vocable Code

A Feminist Coding workshop explores the intersection of art, language, technology and feminism. See here for more.

Title: generator (ver 5b)

The generator automatically produces on demand.