** Check out the latest interviews here for neural magazine, issue 67 – AUTUMN 2020. Others: 1 and 2 that I did with Asymptote and Esoteric Codes lately.

Exhibition/Public Talk/Workshop:

Jan, 2021, Queer Motto API @ Transmediale 2021 online (w/ Helen Pritchard), curated by Nora O Murchú
Jan, 2021, The Image Looks Back/PHOTO festival, RMIT Gallery, Australia
Feb, 2021, Guest lecture with Cornelia on fix my code, TU Dresden, Germany
Mar, 2021, The 26th ifva awards – Media Art Category, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong
Mar, 2021, Posthuman exhibition (as part of ELO), University of Bergen, Norway
Apr, 2021, Artist Talk for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Apr, 2021, Book launch @ Aarhus University (with Geoff Cox)
Apr, 2021, Artist Talk @ Youngdownstate University, USA
May, 2021, Connecting Dots, Hong Kong. Curated by Joel Kwong
May, 2021 (Forthcoming), Keynote speaker, Transdisciplinary New Media in (Post)Humanities, European Humanities Conference Jun, 2021 (forthcoming), Screen Walks, curated by Marco de Mutiis
Jun, 2021 (forthcoming), Workshop on Aesthetic Programming: Practice on diagrams and flowcharts (w/ Geoff Cox), transart institute

2020 , C-LAB: LAB KILL LAB (workstation: Forking Piragene > forkonomy()), Taiwan (w/ Lee Tzu tung), curated by Shu Lea Cheang and Yukiko Shikata
2020 , DA_Z festival, Digital Art Zurich Festival, Museum of Design (Museum für Gestaltung), Switzerland2020, Speculum Artium 2020 New Media Culture Festival, Słowenia
2020, “Appearances”, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (curated by Josephine Bosma)
2020, DAC Online Exhibition 2020: Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online, ACMSIGGRAPH (w/ Helen Pritchard)