Title: nonsense
Year of production: Oct, 2015, updated on Apr, 2017
Medium: Net/Software Art

:: Description ::

Influenced by the economy of likes (e.g buying Facebook likes), social media manipulation on political propaganda (e.g 50 cents army in China) and bots culture, ‘nonsense’ attempts to questioning the neutrality of social media platforms like Facebook by including nonhuman participants, examining wider cultural, economic and political entanglements in relation to commodification, datafication, interface design and copy writing text.

*The project was developed in the era where Facebook with only the like button without otherwise other emoticons.

*Further reading on more conceptual inputs: The like economy: Social buttons and the data-intensive web by Carolin Gerlitz and Anne Helmond (2013)

The number of likes is not sequentially increment, rather, the algorithm takes on the moment of ‘like time’ (in seconds) to compute the snap shot of the number of likes.

*It works on both desktop and mobile version.

:: Technical & Production ::

-Requirement: Internet web browser

:: Acknowledgement ::

Zoie So