Executing Text

Title: Executing Text
Year of production: 2017 (work-in-progress)
Medium: Custom-software

:: Description ::

Computer code can be understood through perspectives of language, including semantics, structure, syntaxes, performativity and so forth. However, it may not be exactly the same as natural language because of the execution of source code and machine code, conflation between semantics and binary. While code runs, it is no longer a static text but is transformed and written through computation. I am interested in the exploration of the intersection between text and code.

‘Executing text’ is a series of experimentation, using p5.js or simply js to experiment with text for a certain period of time. The aim of this project is to explore how text, especially chinese characters, can be animated, distorted, interpreted, represented and experienced in new ways via programming.

The idea of the project is to document the coding progress, both in terms of thinking with and through programing as well as the final outcome of the experimentation.


See source code on Github