Winnie Soon (HK/DK) BBA MA MSc PhD | E: siusoon[at]protonmail[dot]com | W:

Winnie Soon is an artist-researcher-coder-educator born in Hong Kong and is now living in Denmark. Her works engage with, and reflect upon, computational culture, infrastructure and algorithmic processes.


Associate Professor, Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University, DK.
Information Architect, A peer-reviewed journal about_, DK.


2014-17 PhD Information Science (Thesis title: Executing Liveness: An Examination of the Live Dimension of Code Inter-actions in Software (Art) Practice), Aarhus University.
2008-09 MSc Digital Art and Technology (Distinction), iDAT, University of Plymouth, UK.
2006-08 MA Media Cultures (Distinction), School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.
2004-06 Diploma Graphic Communication, Hong Kong University SPACE.
1998-01 BBA Information Systems, Minor in Computing, City University of Hong Kong.


2017- 20 Assistant Professor, Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark
2011-14 Adjunct Professor, Dept of Interactive Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, HK
2010-11 Professor, Dept of Interactive Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, HK.
2010-14 Visiting lecturer/Instructor:
City University of Hong Kong (SCOPE) (2012-14), University of Hull (2012), UK; Chinese Univerisity of Hong Kong, CUCSC (2011); International Education College (Wuhan, China) in collaboration with Australia Holmesglen Institute (2010); Wuhan University of Science & Engineering (Wuhan, China) in collaboration with Singapore Raffles Design Institute (2010).


BA/MA at Aarhus University (Denmark):
Digital Culture (2017, 2018, 2020), Aesthetic Programming (2014-2021), Exploring Cultural Big Data: Combining Arts, Ethnography and Data Analytics (2017)


  • PhD Co-supervisor: Computer Vision (Gabriel Pereira, 2021)
  • PhD Co-supervisor: Electronic Literature and Digital Literacy (Malthe Stavning Erslev, 2022)
  • Habitual Compression in Machine Imitation (Victor Nielsen Mattioni, 2020)
  • Demystifying the Cultural and Academic Notion of Holograms (Kasper Niem Svarre, 2020)
  • Diverse Recognition – Demographic Bias in Biometric Technology (Ann Karring, 2020)
  • Democratizing the Internet: Towards a Constructivist Critical Judgment of Technology for Computational Empowerment (Christian Hagelskjær From, 2019)
  • The Ethical Importance of Feedback for Machine Learning Algorithms  (Kristjan Maalt, 2018)

BFA/MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong):
(Advanced) Survey of Computer Arts Application; Human-centered Interactive Design; Digital Design Aesthetics; Digital Page and Web Graphics; Graduate Teaching Internship; Information Design for dynamic media.

BSc in Business IT at City University of Hong Kong (SCOPE):
Advanced HCI & Usability; Final year Project Supervision.

BA at University of Hull (United Kingdom): Multimedia

Webpage and Multimedia Design (2011); Interactive Media Design (2010); User Interaction Design (2010); e-commerce Application (2010), Major Project (2010).


  • 2021 Program Committee member/Peer Reviewer, ELO 2021 exhibitions
  • 2021 Peer-Reviewer, Internet Histories
  • 2020-current Scientific Committee, xCoAx
  • 2019-current Visiting Researcher, Center for the study of networked image, London South Bank University, UK
  • 2019 Research Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
  • 2019-current Advisor/Peer-Reviewer, A Peer-Reviewed Journal About, Aarhus University
  • 2019 Peer-Reviewer, AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (Special issue: Ways of Machine Seeing)
  • 2018-current Senior research affiliate, Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab
  • 2018-19 Program Committee/Peer-Reviewer, International Conferences on <Programming>2019.
  • 2018-19 Organizing committee, SummerPIT, Aarhus University.
  • 2017 Peer-Reviewer, Digital Creativity, Taylor & Francis.
  • 2008-16 Co-founder, InNoPO, UK/HK.
  • 2016 International Program Committee, ISEA 2016, Hong Kong.
  • 2016 Program Committee, International Conferences on Live Interfaces 2016.
  • 2016 Information Architect, Citizen Sense Project, Goldsmith, University of London, UK.
  • 2014-current Information Architect, A Peer-Reviewed Journal About, Aarhus University
  • 2014 Organizing committee, Transmediale conference/workshop in Hong Kong.
  • 2014 Visiting Researcher, SCM, City University of Hong Kong.
  • 2013 MFA thesis committee panel, Savannah College of Art and Design (HK).



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2021 Invited Speaker, Queer Operating Systems and Affective Infrastructure (w/ Cornelia Sollfrank), Technische Universität Dresden.
2020 Presenter, Forkonomy() project (w/ Lee Tzu-Tung), C-Lab, Taiwan.
2020 Invited Panelist, Computational Art & Data Science, Data Science Conference Europe 2020.
2020 Presenter, “Software Art Practice in Aesthetic Programming“, EASST4S Prague 2020.
2020 Presenter (w/ Pablo Velasco), Critical Interface Analysis workshop, Aarhus University
2020 Invited Speaker, Artist talk, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Poland
2020 Invited Artist/Speaker, Critical Coding – Josephine Bosma in Conversation with Nancy Mauro-Flude and Winnie Soon, LIMA Online, Amsterdam
2020 Invited Panelist, Webinar Crisis Education /// Critical Education, ArtEZ University of the Arts.
2020 Moderator, Transmediale workshop and panel on Research Networks , Berlin

2019 Invited Speaker, Unerasable Characters in Machine Learning, Goldsmiths, University of London
2019 Invited Speaker, Contemporary Art Talk, Goldsmiths, University of London
2019 Invited Speaker, Vocable Code-Unfinished Code-Queer Code, STWST48x5 as part of Ars Electronica, Linz.
2019, Invited Guest Speaker, Unerasable Characters in Machine Learning, Digital Culture class @ AU, Aarhus
2019 Invited Presenter, Tracing the Unerasable Images, National College of Art and Design, Dublin
2019 Presenter, Aesthetic Coding in Machine Learning @ Code & Share [5], Aarhus
2019 Presenter, “Operationalizing (un)desirability: What Images Want?” (w/ Magdalena Regina Tyzlik-Carver), The web that was: archives, traces, reflections, University of Amsterdam.
2019 Invited Speaker, “Generating operative images in Artistic Practice”, Visual Culture and Computational Thinking, AU Summer School, Denmark
2019 Invited Speaker, “AaBKC Talk” (w/ Ceci Moss), Aarhus Center for Visual Art, Aarhus, Denmark
2019 Invited Panelist, “Stop Making Sense“, 18th Media Art Biennale WRO 2019, Poland
2019 Invited Speaker (with Sarah Schorr), Inevitable Ends, Meditations on Impermanence, Moesgaard Museum, Denmark
2019 Invited Speaker, Card Decks as Method – Strategies for Interface Critique, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
2019 Invited Speaker, Symposium – Screenshots: Desire and Automated Image, Kunsthal Aarhus
2019 Invited Panelist, “The Practice of Erasure” in the panel of ‘Building Archives for Evidence and Collective Resistance‘, Transmediale2019, Berlin
2019 Presenter, ‘The feeling of (un)predictability in machine learning and text generation’, Machine Feeling Public Programme, University of Cambridge, UK

2018 Panelist, ‘Tracing the (un)deisrable image’, The Self In-formation: Structured Selves and Algorithmic Bodies, Digital Culture Conference, Leuphana University.
2018 Presenter, ‘Computational Throbbing and Affective Waiting’, Affects, Interfaces and Events Conference (with Søren Rasmussen), AU
2018 Moderator, Blockchain values, transmediale2018, Berlin
2018 Invited panelist, Procedural values, Brandenburg Center for Media Studies, ZeM, Potsdam
2018 Guest Speaker, Humanistic and Computational Thinking Through Practice, School of Creative Media, City University of HK

2017 Invited panelist, generator/generating discourse, Karlsrhe University of Arts and Design, Germany
2017 Presenter, Screen Shots: Critical Codes of Capture, RIXC ART SCIENCE FESTIVAL, Latvia
2017 Panel, The Purpose of the Future University, Aarhus University
2017 Guest Speaker, Why Code? Why Program? Why Create? Digital Living Research Commons, Aarhus University, DK
2017 Guest Speaker, Digital surveillance in China: From the Great Firewall to the social credit system, DataLAB, Aarhus University, DK

2016 Presenter, Overwhelming Imagination, Si Shang Art Museum Art Conference, Beijing, China
2016 Presenter, Live Interfaces 2016, Sussex, UK
2016 Panel + Presenter, ISEA2016, Hong Kong
2016 Presenter, Execution (ver 0.2), Malmo, Sweden
2016 Guest Speaker, Executing Queries, Language + Code, Aarhus University, DK

2015 Presenter + Workshop co-leader + Conference co-organizer, Execution (ver 0.1), Aarhus, DK
2015 Guest Speaker, Life and Death in Software, Digital Culture (master class), Aarhus University, DK
2015 Guest Speaker, Network materiality and temporality (master class), Hong Kong University
2015 Guest Speaker, Discussing Software thro the art of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. AU, DK.
2015 Presenter, Nonhuman Participation: a materialist perspective on execution. Aarhus University, DK.
2015 Panel, Transmediale Festival, Germany.

2014 Guest Speaker, Artist talk: From net art to software art. University of Warsar, Poland.
2014 Guest Speaker, Collaborative and Collective [Artistic] Research, AVA (master class), HKBU, HK
2014 Presenter, New Materialist Methodologies: Gender, Politics, The digital, Barcelona
2014 Guest Speaker, Net Art: Data Hacking, Coding and Critical Thinking. Videotage Summer Sch, HK.
2014 Presenter, A matter of Design STS conference. Milano, Italy
2014 Presenter, Urban Transformation, technology and participation symposium in Aarhus University, DK.
2014 Guest Speaker, Aesthetics Design. Aarhus University, Denmark

2013 Guest Speaker, Interdisciplinary Practice and Artist Collaboration, AVA (master class), HKBU, HK
2013 Speaker & Facilitator, UnDo Knowledge. JCCAC, Hong Kong
2013 Speaker, UnDo Facebook. K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong
2013 Artist /Speaker, Seminar on Network Art and everyday life. Taipei National University of the Arts

2012 Speaker, Workshop leader. Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong.
2012 Speaker, Artist Showcase Conference Future Everything, United Kingdom.
2012 Artist, Artist Forum. The 17th Incubator For Film and Visual Media in Asia.
2012 Invited Artist & Panel. Why we need the Arts, Lingnan Arts Festival.

2011 Moderator. Gaming & Living in an Alternate Reality, Social Media Week.
2011 Artist Forum. Computational Thinking In Various Art Forms. Writing Machine Collective.

2010 Invited Speaker, Interactive Design Seminar. This Happened, Hong Kong.
2010 Artist, Finalist Showcase Discussion. The 15th Independent Film & Video Awards.

2008 Artist, Finalist Showcase Discussion. The 13th Independent Film & Video Awards.


2021, Posthuman exhibition (part of Electronic Literature Organization), University of Bergen.
2021, The 26th ifva awards, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre.
2021, The Image Looks Back/PHOTO festival, RMIT Gallery, Australia
2021, Queer Motto API, Transmediale 2021 (w/ Helen Pritchard)
2020, C-LAB: LAB KILL LAB (workstation: Forking Piragene > forkonomy()), Taiwan (w/ Lee Tzu tung), curated by Shu Lea Cheang and Yukiko Shikata
2020, DA_Z festival, Digital Art Zurich Festival, Museum of Design (Museum für Gestaltung), Switzerland
2020, Speculum Artium 2020 New Media Culture Festival, Słowenia
2020, “Appearances”, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (curated by Josephine Bosma)
2020, DAC Online Exhibition 2020: Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online, ACMSIGGRAPH (w/ Helen Pritchard)

2019, Recurrent Queer Imaginaries @ Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool John Moores University (w/ Helen Pritchard)
2019, #nfcdab – Near Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland
2019, Human Aspect Image-based, Tabačka Kulturfabrik Košice, Slovakia
2019, Perpetual Interpreter, LOKALE @ Copenhagen, Denmark
2019, Tatsuno Art Project 2019 as part of WRO On Tour #2, Tatsuno, Japan
2019 “Literature in Digital Transformation“, Biblioteket Kulturværftet as part of Click Festival, Denmark
2019 “Literature in Digital Transformation”, Roskilde Library , Denmark
2019 “18th Media Art Biennale WRO: Human Aspects”, Wroclaw, Poland
2019 Litteratur i digital transformation” (w/ Geoff Cox), DOKK1 library, Denmark
2019 Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2019 – Festival for Expanded Media”, Germany
2019 Screenshots: Desire and Automated Images”, Galleri Image, Denmark

2018 All I Know Is What’s On The Internet”, The Photographers’ Gallery, UK
2018 “Museum of Random Memory” as part of AoIR Conference, Montreal, Canada
2018 9th SAR-International Conference on Artistic Research” (w/ Geoff Cox), University of Plymouth, UK
2018, Electronic Literature Festival” , Centre de design de l’UQAM, Canada

2017 Scripting the Other, The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, Online
2017 Falmouth Art Publishing Fair 2017, Falmouth, United Kingdom
2017 The Contemporary contemporary, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
2017 Executing Practices, Transmediale, Germany

2016 A DIY international and independent digital art biennale – #nfcdab 2, Wroclaw, Poland
2016 ISEA2016: No References: A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985 (with Helen Pritchard), Hong Kong.
2016 *.exe (ver 0.2), Medea, Malmö University, Sweden

2015 ISEA2015: Disruption, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada
2015 Artistic Research, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
2015 Change Seed: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong and Beyond, Seattle Design Center, USA

2014 Tracing Data, Writing Machine Collective at Connecting Space, Hong Kong
2014 Tomorrowsixtyfour, Web Based art exhibition/online Public Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 Out Of Office. Arcade Cardiff Gallery, Wales/UK

2013 The likes of brother cream (with Helen Pritchard). Arnolfini Online, United Kingdom
2013 SPEED SHOW [2.0] (with Audrey Samson). Kubrick, Hong Kong
2013 Digital Futures. Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom

2012 ENIGMA. Microwave International New Media Arts Festival (with Helen Pritchard), Hong Kong
2012 17th Incubator For Film and Visual Media in Asia (with Helen Pritchard), Hong Kong
2012 FutureEverything (with Helen Pritchard). MOSI, Manchester, United Kingdom
2012 Hong Kong Art Fair. Art East Island 2012 (with Helen Pritchard), Pure Art Foundation, Hong Kong
2012 Pulse Art and Technology Festival (with Sam Norgard). Savannah, USA
2012 Lingnan Arts Festival (with Zoie So). Lingnan University Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2011 Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms (with Helen Pritchard). Writing Machine Collective. Hong Kong

2010 This Happened. Club Pi, Hong Kong
2010 CAN NOT: Harmony of Internet Information. PhotoPark, Wuhan, China
2010 Media Art. A 3-Dimensional Perspective. TINT, Online, United Kingdom
2010 Independent Film and Video Awards, Hong Kong

2009 Performance (with Eva Pang), Cafe Concrete, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2009 Poestic. Charles Cross Church, Plymouth, United Kingdom
2009 Assemblage. Peninsula Arts Gallery, United Kingdom
2009 International Digital Art Festival. Bulgaria
2009 Retro Robot (with Helen Pritchard). Kube, United Kingdom
2009 SuperToys exhibition. Arnolfini, United Kingdom

2008 Independent Film and Video Awards, Hong Kong

2006 Happenings. PinkArt, Hong Kong Cultural Center
2006 Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for expanded media, Germany

2005 Mobile & DMB Festival, South Korea
2005 Art for Mobile Devices, Online
2005 Beloved Harmony. PinkArt, Hong Kong Cultural Center
2005 Living Art Expo 2004. Hong Kong



2021 Finalist, Media Art Category. The 26th ifva Awards, HK.
2019 WRO 2019 Biennale Award, 18th Media Art Biennale WRO 2019.
2019 Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature (short-listed), Literature in Digital Transformation (funded by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces)
2019 Expanded Media Award for Network Culture at Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media

2018 The Winners of the 2018 Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD Award
2017 Top-Ranked LABS Thesis Abstracts. Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
2012 Silver Award, Interactive Media Category. The 17th Incubator For Film & Visual Media in Asia, HK.
2012 Winning Team, 48 hours Midata Hackathon, Open Data Institute, London.
2010 Special Mention Prize, Interactive Media Category. Independent Short Film & Video Awards, HK.
2008 Finalist, Single-Screen based Interactive Category. Independent Short Film & Video Awards, HK.


2019 AUFF Publication Funds (for the book Fix my Code), Aarhus University (35,000 kr)
2019 AUFF Publication Funds (for the book Aesthetic Programming), Aarhus University (40,000 kr)
2019 Academic activities funds: Humans and IT research programme, Aarhus University. (40,000 kr)
2019 Danish Arts Foundation, Denmark. (10,000 kr)
2018 AUFF Mobility Grant, Aarhus University (42,000 kr)
2018 Academic activities funds: Humans and IT research programme, Aarhus University. (43,000 kr)
2016 Travel funds: Graduate Art School, Aarhus University.
2016 Book project funding: Executing Practices. Participatory IT, Aarhus University.
2015 Project Funding: Execution workshop/seminar. Aarhus University, Denmark.
2014-16 PhD Scholarship. Participatory IT, Aarhus University.
2013 Project Funding: UnDo Knowledge. Lingnan University, Hong Kong.
2013 Art Commission: The likes of Brother Cream Cat. Arnolfini, United Kingdom.
2012 Art Commission: Thousand Questions. Microwave International New Media Arts Festival.
2012 Art Commission: Emotive Expression. Lingnan University, Hong Kong.
2009 Project Sponsorship: VoxBox. GroundWorks: United Kingdom.
2008 Scholarship: Thomas Fowler for graduate study. University of Plymouth: UK.


2013 Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan.
2009 Center for contemporary art Tou Scene, Norway.

4/2020 Dagens netkunstner: Winnie Soon by & Søren Pold
11/2019 En digital drøm om tab af kontrol – Interview med Kristoffer Ørum og Anders Visti  by Christian Salling,
02/2019 All I know is what’s on the internet, The Burlington Magazine
10/2018 The Photographers’ Gallery’s digital curator on the impact of the internet on photography, It’s Nice That
05/2018 Aarhus Universitets Ph.d.-priser 2018: Winnie Soon by Aarhus University
10/2017 Get to know your colleagues, Interview by Aarhus University
06/2016 Aarhus University in Denmark
02/2015 WP finanse and Polskie Radio in Poland
08/2014 Mr. Wolf online magazine, Interview
04/2014 BBC news, Interview
2/2013 CR2 (903), Radio Interview:《集雜志》訪問
12/2013 ARTTECH 科・藝派對
06/2013 CR2 (903), Radio Interview: 《集雜志》訪問
06/2013 RTHK, Radio Interview: 文化快訊
11/2012 Milk Magazine, Interview