Title: Datascape
Year of production: 2012
Medium: Interactive Installation & Performance

:: Description ::

The project explores the embodiment and the cognitive interpretation of social data. Datascape is created by the collaborative texts and emoticons from Twitter with audience participation. Found data are remixed and reconstructed, revealing the network culture in an interactive environment.

Datascape has also further synthesized to “Emotive Expression” as a 30 minutes performance, in collaboration with Zoie So and Hugo Lee. Choreographer, Alz performs and interacts with the works ”Mediated Facial” and “Datascape”. The interactive performance explores the ideologies of emotive expressions within a physical, elastic and network system. Choreographer will work with the two kinetic and digital structures, where they synthesize into a mise-en-scene. This aims to enunciate a multimedia choreographic form arose from reflective practice, extracted data from Internet and dialogue from live audience.

Co-creators: Hugo Lee, Zoie So & Winnie Soon
Choreographer: Alz Ng
Music: Sam Au Yeung
Lighting: James Wong

:: How it works ::
Live tweets is extracted from twitter server base on certain emoticons. The position of the text display is subject to the audience interaction, this is achieved by the depth tracking with the hacking of Microsoft Kinect Camera. The color of text is influenced by the type of emoticions, showing the warm and cold colors. This shows the element of data mapping and visualizing social data.


technical research:

:: Exhibition Record(s)::

  • Mar, 2012, Lingnan Arts Festival @ Hong Kong

:: Technical & Production ::

  • Software: Mac OS X 10.5.8+, Processing 1.5.1
  • Hardware: Kinect Tracking camera, projector, computer
  • Requirement: Internet connection

:: Acknowledgement :: Sam Au Yeung for Sound Production, Polly @ InNoPO