The likes of Brother Cream Cat

Title: The Likes of Brother Cream Cat / 尖東忌廉哥 讚! 
Year of production: 2013
Medium: Network Art / Browser add-on

This artwork is commissioned by Arnolfini

Acknowledgement: Polly Poon; Gillian Wylde; Geoff Cox

:: Description ::

In collaboration with Helen Pritchard

Project link:

The likes of Brother Cream Cat, a network art project, explores the ‘likes economy’ in Facebook through a popular figure of a famous Facebook cat “Brother Cream” (a cat that lives in a 24-hour convenience store with the shop owner in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong). In 2011 his fans created a Facebook account, quickly he became ‘Facebook Famous’ through ‘lots of likes’ and since then he has received over 1000 visitors per day.

In the project, the ‘Catness’ – the animality, of Brother Cream – permeates the network through the performativity of code and the dynamics of networked activity. The project makes this apparent by developing a browser add-on, manipulating the browsing experience on-the-fly through the excesses of likes.

This project is produced by Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard, and comissioned by Arnolfini.

Here is the Facebook Fans page of Brother Cream Cat: 

WARNING!!!!! Although every effort has been made to investigate the legalities of our add-on as ‘the likes of brother cream cat’ parses facebook without permission – please check the latest facebook policies and data theft laws. Every effort is made to ensure that the information on ‘the like of brother cream cat’ add-on is accurate and up to date, but no legal responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or misleading statements.

注意!!雖然我們已儘力去調查附加元件的合法性,因為‘尖東忌廉哥 讚!’是用上未經Facebook許可的剖析方法去編寫程式,所以請查閱最新有關Facebook的政策及有關數據盜竊的法律。我們會儘力確保’尖東忌廉哥 讚!’是準確和最新的附加元件,可是不會就任何有關錯誤、遺漏或誤導性陳述等而負上任何責任或法律責任。

… More on concept

Keywords: data, add-on, network, nonhumans
Exploration direction / reflection:

::Video documentation::

::How it works::

Amazing augmented browsing experience – In Facebook, all your images will be replaced with latest Brother cream cat. Whilst in Brother Cream Cat fans page, the images overlay with different customized text. Sound and ascii image will be triggered after the action of like/unlike in Facebook.
User needs to have Firefox and Scriptish add-on installed.

Install the script here

:: Review / Feedback / Press/PR::

  • - To be filled

:: Exhibition Record(s)::

  • - Dec, 2013, SPEED SHOW [2.0] / @HK
  • - Aug, 2013, Arnolfini online platform / @UK

:: Technical & Production ::

  • -Software: Greasemonkey / Javascript
  • -Requirement: Internet connection

Work by Winnie Soon

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