Title: SPEED SHOW [2.0] / Hong Kong
Year of production: 2013
Medium: Network Art

Acknowledgement: Polly Poon / InNoPO, City University of Hong Kong, Kubrick

:: Description ::

In collaboration with Audrey Samson

SPEED SHOW [2.0] is an evening exhibition at Kubrick, showcasing 6 local/international network art pieces in a public space based on Aram Bartholl’s concept. Each work experiments with the Internet as an artistic medium, exploring the playful, political and aesthetic possibilities of this everyday medium.

SPEED SHOW 是由一位德國藝術家 Aaram Bartholl 在2010年發起的。他的想法是把網吧等公共場所於晚上轉化成一個網絡藝術展覽空間。SPEED SHOW [2.0] 將會在Kubrick展示6件本地及來自不同國家的作品,而每件作品均以互聯網作為創作媒介。網絡藝術作品嘗試讓我們重新反思此媒介的獨特性,透過打開既有的日常觀念,探索網絡媒體不同面向的可能性:媒體經驗、政治性與審美觀點等。

Website: http://speedshow.ideacritik.com/

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The SPEED SHOW is a concept initiated by German artist Aram Bartholl in 2010. The idea is to turn a public place like a cyber/internet café into a gallery space, an evening exhibition for browser-based network art. Nearly four years later, the Internet has been embedded in our everyday practices, most people have Internet access on their smartphones, and Internet cafés are becoming a thing of the past. In Hong Kong Internet cafés have all but disappeared. How does one create a SPEED SHOW if there are no existing public places dedicated to browsing the internet?

We propose to think of the entire city as a possible canvas and focus on public spaces dedicated to loitering and discussion, an environment we hope will incite discussion around network art. Since the 90s, many net artists have been experimenting with the Internet as an artistic medium and explored its characteristics.

Kubrick is a locale comprised of a café, a bookstore, and an art space. Most people bring their laptops to work there. By adding computers showing network art pieces, we transform the space, adding points of interest in this milieu. People in the café use the Internet medium, perhaps without paying much attention to its materiality. The SPEED SHOW focuses on this pervasive medium, looking beyond our habitual usage and its commodified framework, to its nooks and crannies, its textures, and its affordances. The SPEED SHOW turns the Kubrick hot spot into a temporary playground, transforming/translating web and cultural data in real time.

SPEED SHOW 是由一位德國藝術家 Aaram Bartholl 在2010年發起的。他的想法是把網吧等公共場所於晚上轉化成一個網絡藝術展覽空間。隨著流動上網服務及智能手機的普及,在短短四年,香港人已養成隨時隨地上網的習慣, 互聯網已經完全滲入我們的日常生活當中,網吧亦漸漸成為了歷史痕跡。現在,要於香港找一個地方有咖啡亦提供上網設施的已經很難了,那怎樣可以舉辦這個SPEED SHOW呢?


Kubrick是一個集咖啡室、書店及展覽場地的空間,很多人都自擕電腦上網。我們希望 為這空間再增添一點趣味,將這裡暫時轉化為一所網吧,添置電腦等上網設備,並展出一系列的網絡藝術作品。在咖啡室裡,很多人在埋頭上網,但有多少個確切理解網絡的具體操作與其物質性 ?這次SPEED SHOW著重揭露互聯網的隱蔽處、縫隙、紋理及其特質,打破我們對互聯網的想像界限 ,在商品化的討論以外,探討網絡研究的不同面向。SPEEDSHOW將會把Kubrick轉化成一個臨時遊樂場,把網絡上的數據、文化現象重新處理、呈現出來。

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:: Activity Record(s)::

  • - Dec, 2013, SPEED SHOW [2.0] @ Kubrick, Hong Kong
  • - Mar, 2014, Panel Presentation @ Aarhus University, Denmark

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