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Title: readme.SpamPoem
Year of production: 2014 (revised ver 2017)
Medium: Internet

Acknowledgement: Matthew Britton and Polly Poon

:: Description ::

In collaboration with Poet Susan Scarlata (US)

readme.SpamPoem is a collection of more than 30 poems composed out of the found materials that have been filtered as ‘Spam’ through the computation of an email system. Inspired by Dadaism and the Oulipo school of poetics, it is a series shaped through instructions, constraints, randomness and found language.

To read a personalized Spam Poem write an email to

This piece explores the computation and design of email systems through its auto-reply, canned responses, email subject query and spam filtering features. It also interrogates understandings of spam by re-appropriating spam-language, and asking the questions:What is spam? How does it appeal using various rhetorical devices to engage with others? and How is it filtered, generated, received, and can that reception be altered? An intimate relation is established with banal medium and language.

This artwork reveals the assumed voices, cultural assumptions, personas and computation processes taken on through spam.

:: How it works ::

Simply send an email to, in anyhow you will receive an auto-reply email with a spam poem. Subsequently, by following the instruction of the auto-reply email, you can start composing other new email message with a different subject line to receive other spam poem(s). We have more than 30 poems and have set for more than 100 different subject queries with the canned responses and filtering function from Google Gmail.   Explore your imagination of spam.

* The functioning of this work is subject to the availability of canned responses features and within the email storage limit of Gmail.

* We recommend you to compose a new email rather than ‘reply’ any of our email and change its subject line.

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