Title: VoxBox (Presented by InNoPO)
Year of production: 2009
Medium: cross-disciplinary group exhibition (interactive, installation, 3D printing, performance, video)

* Funding: Groundwork South West
* Venue Sponsor: Plymouth Arts Centre.
* Sponsor: University of Plymouth

:: Description ::

*VoxBox: One audio input, infinite cultural output** a cross-disciplinary group exhibition featuring new work from 6 international artists selected from an open call, and work from Plymouth’s Café Concrete Collective. Each new artwork has been made in response to the same audio clip, recorded from a secret location in Plymouth. The aim of the exhibition is to spark discussions about the way we make art, where autonomy fits in, and the role of technology in the process, be it paintbrush, computer or rear end. By remediating the same audio source, each artist brings to the project their own histories, experiences and realities – journeying in their own particular way towards the final artwork. The combination of artists gives to an eclectic blend of media, culture, and practice, creating a show that celebrates difference and all its intricacies, conflicts and influences.

Workshop & online gallery were shown alongside the exhibition.

Documented web link: http://x2.i-dat.org/~ws/

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The discussions on remediation – broadly referring to the refashioning of one set of data into another set of data – oscillate around three key themes: The media (for example from audio to visual), the individual (from acoustic associations to artistic decisions), and the location (from Plymouth to the rest of the world, and back again).

The study of the media relations, from source code to target language, seeks to highlight processes embedded in their operation and the ways in which they interact with other technologies. Exploring the human element in remediation brings in ideas of how individuals understand the world, and how we interact with others. Notions of identity and free will intersect with social conditioning, religion, and physics. All these are wrapped up and mediated in the perceptual frameworks of the individual as subjectivity. When considering the role of the location in art practice, Voxbox takes on the mantra of Rene Dubos by “thinking globally and acting locally”. The Internet transcends national borders and reaches out across the world to feed back a wealth of shared knowledge, understanding and action. Making use of this invaluable networking tool, Voxbox consumes and reproduces this data on a local stage, presenting the people of Plymouth with an array of new artworks, all based on interpretations of their city’s sound.

Artists Nicu Ilfoveanu & Vlad Gherghiceanu (Romania) fuse mythic narrative with structures of knowledge; judsoN (USA) lays out a platform for interactions between acoustics, aesthetics the audience and space; Katie Davies, Jeremy Lee & Peter Walters (UK) explore the potential for material outcomes through immaterial sources with 3D printing technology; Theo Firmo (Brazil) breaches the linguistic turn with a dash of chaos; Cathy McCabe, Jojo & Gina Sherman (UK) dissolve formality with subversions of domesticity; Brice Jeannin (France) recreates the conditions of a listening situation. Plymouth’s Café Concrete Collective provide the anchor to the international artists, placing their work in a local context. The 10 works from artists including Koombe, Tony Hill, Neil Rose and DJ Contort, form something of an ode to Plymouth, remediating not only on the acoustic properties but the living, breathing experience of the city itself. Alongside the exhibition was an online platform for members of the public to create their own responses to the audio. Workshop was also conducted & several artworks had been created and they also took part in the global gallery.

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Review / Feedback / Press:

  • - “The project developed a well-conceived and interesting idea in a systematic, organised and effective way and particularly successful in practical production skills demonstrated in a well organised and presented public exhibition, workshops and online component.” By Dr. Joasia Krysa

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Work by Winnie Soon

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