Invading Desktop

Invading Desktop: Jump Jump Jump

This project arises from an analysis of net art practice since the mid 1990s in connection to more recent proclamation that ‘net art is dead’ (Baumgartel, 1998; Lichty, 2004; Amerika, 2007).  Yet, on the other hand, it would appear that net art is flourished, continued to grow and transformed with the continuous engagement of institutions, artists, critics, public domain and curators. The ever changing of technologies, network economy, political and cultural participatory environment reshape and expand on what net art is.

“Invading Desktop 卓面侵略” is a series of desktop animation that is presented by multiple browsers on a desktop computer. The browser draws the assemblage of found image from the network, in which the animated images are produced, uploaded and circulated (forward/repost) by public domain with the help of web and network technologies. Data is massively generated on the network and is constantly being reproduced globally.

Through re-appropriation of the found images, the work displays on multiple web browsers with different sizes, exploring the spatial relationship between browsers and image data via cinematic experience. Desktop becomes a canvas, allowing the invasion by the network. The project reminds us  that many early net artists’ work have challenged the potentiality and functionality of web browser, not only as its means of displaying information, but also as an artistic medium. In this series, multiple browsers place simultaneously on the desktop that reflects its performative quality, composing with the earliest form of web animation (the retro animated gif) via collaboration between network, human and technologies.

The project is inspired by Olia Lialina’s early net art project, My Boyfriend Came Back From The War (1996), Jodi’s work, My%Desktop (2002), Chris Milk’s work, Arcade File (2010)

Suggested reading: The Affect of Animated GIFs (Tom Moody, Petra Cortright, Lorna Mills)

“invading desktop” will continue to be updated. (2013- )

note: all the works are supposed to run on a browser in real time connects to the Internet, the speed of each gif is subject to the original image’s animation. In other words, there is a potential that the the work cannot be composed/displayed again due to the unpredictability of the network. (As Cox described as ‘out of control’, 2013) The animated gifs below are just for documentation purpose.

In collaboration with public domains-
rush rush rush

Title: 好趕.好趕.好趕 | rush.rush.rush
Year of production: 2013
Medium: Network / Web Browser/ Animation
Description: In response to city life.
Credits/Source of reference: 

  1. hack a day by Fannie Ng:
  2. running mario:
  3. Background:

jump jump jump
jump jump jump
Title: 跳.跳.跳 | jump.jump.jump
Year of production: 2013
Medium: Network / Web Browser/ Animation
Description: In response to the cat myths that circulate in network culture
Credits/Source of reference: 

  1. background:
  2. cat1:
  3. cat2:
  4. cat3:
  5. cat4:
  6. cat5:
  7. Cat myths:
  8. Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats:
  9. 要做一個出色的藝術家-你需要隻貓

:: Exhibition Record(s)::

  • - Apr, 2013, Digital Futures, Victoria and Albert Museum @ London, UK

::Video documentation::

:: Technical & Production ::

  • -Hardware: Desktop computer with Internet browser (Firefox)
  • -Requirement: Internet connection

Work by Winnie Soon

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