generator (ver5_b)

Title: generator (ver. 5)

Year of production: original 2003 (revision: 2017)

Medium: Internet / Desktop Web Browser

:: Description ::

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Concept: Cornelia Sollfrank; Technical: Panos Galanis and Winnie Soon

The generator automatically produces on demand.

nag_05-this version of the generator creates images. The resulting image emerges as a collage of a number of images which have been collected on the WWW in relation to the ‘title’ you have chosen. The original material is processed in 12-14 randomly chosen and combined steps. For finding the images, nag_05 draws on Google search; that is the delicate part as Google limits access to their search results for all non-paying clients including projects like this one.

The technical base of the generator is a PERL script, old but reliable technology. The original version was programmed by Panos Galanis from IAP GmbH, Hamburg, in 2003 after an idea by net.artist Cornelia Sollfrank. With Winnie Soon, the generator has found a skillful new master of creative coding in 2017.

:: Technical & Production ::

  • Programming environment: PERL v.5+, libraries: ImageMagick v6.97 (see github)
  • Requirement: Internet connection

:: How it works ::

To be provided