The Spinning Wheel of Life

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Title: The Spinning Wheel of Life
Year of production: 2017
Medium: Net Art installation + Digital Print

:: Description ::

The Spinning Wheel of Life, with a running throbber, responses to technological networks, data transmission and material substrates in real time. The visual cultural icon represents the nature of the Internet which is something not very stable, with ruptures, gaps and glitches, as part of the digital culture fundamentally.

While a throbber may convey a negative connotation with the need of waiting for an unknowable time. The time may be considered as unproductive or as a waste of time. Instead of having an animated gif, a throbber is redesigned with which it spins as the machine receives data and stores them in a buffer for immediate retrieval, resulting in an unusual spinning, beyond what the term “throb” is denoted. From the microscopic time interval of digital signal processing to the planetary scale of data capitalization, the piece invites for a speculation of this cultural icon beyond the slowness of networks and explores the micro-temporality of streams.

:: How it works ::

Ideally, it is an installation work that consists of a series of mini setups. Each mini setup displays the throbber visually on screen and comes with a speaker, interacting with different networked data/streams. (each mini setup: Raspberry PI3 + tiny speaker + Internet + a screen)

How it works: The program is developed with processing, constantly listening to packets arrive in her/his machine through playing an audio playlist. A series of the ellipse will then reassemble a noticeable and animated icon that is known as throbber.

:: Exhibition/Demo Record(s) ::

:: Technical & Production ::

  • Programming environment: Processing 3.2.1 + Pi 3 Model B + Debian_ver 8.0 + Modori web browser
  • Requirement: Internet connection / Mobile Internet network
  • See github

Acknowledgement: Critical Software Thing