Title: Throb
Year of production: 2018
Medium: Software Art

:: Description ::

The artwork Throb operates through a projection and/or a screensaver (on Mac OS). The pattern consists of four different keyboard characters “—”,” \”,” |”,” /” that construct a throbber spinning in a clockwise direction. It draws connections to computational culture, loading and waiting for computer operations to be done. The project is also considered as a generative art, constantly changing an individual pattern through the red spinning character, and this slowly alters the whole screen.

While a throbber may convey a negative connotation with the need of waiting for an unknowable time. The time may be considered as unproductive or as a waste of time. From the microscopic time interval of digital signal processing to the planetary scale of data capitalization, the piece invites for a speculation of this cultural icon beyond the slowness of networks and explores the micro-temporality and poetics of computational operations and processes.

:: Video Documentation ::

:: Technical & Production ::

  • Programming environment: p5.js
  • Screensaver can be downloaded here