Unerasable Characters II

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The project explores the temporality of voices and politics of erasure. As part of the series Unerasable Characters, this web-based custom-software presents the erased ‘tweets’ from the Chinese Social Media Platform Weibo in a grid format, in which each tweet is further broken down into character-by-character display. The duration of each ‘tweet’ is computed and translated from the original visibile time online, which is calculated from subtracting erased/censored time and created/posted time on Weibo.

The project collects voices in the form of censored/erased (permission denied) text from Weibo via the platform called Weiboscope, developed by Dr. Fu, King Wa from Hong Kong University .Technically, it uses python to do the web scraping with limited data available (only past 7 days, max 200 records), and the piece is written in p5.js.

*work-in-progress (see the project development here on Github)