I am currently working on the collaborative artwork Queering Bash, the book and community project Aesthetic Programming TW version, the zines: Hiding Characters with Code and ServPub

See/hear the latest interview w/ Ars Electronica here, neural magazine here, and the podcast interview about Hong Kong stories, Asian and queer identities with Hong Kongology.

Upcoming Exhibition / Workshops / Talks

Time What Where
Sep 2024 Open Out Festival (Queering Bash workshop w/ Mara Karagianni) Tromsø, Norway
Sep 2024 10x10x10 of Media Art (with an attitude) STWST Linz
Sep 2024 A talk on "critial technical art practice" The MediaDock at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts / Lucerne School of Art and Design
Jun-Nov 2024 Unerasable Characters Series @ ICC Tokoyo, Japan
Jun 2024 Keynote: Grassroots of Digital Europe Dundalk Institute of Technology
Jun 2024 Queering Bash workshop w/ Mara Karagianni Eclectic Tech Carnival, Berlin
May-Jul 2024 NSTC Exhibition (Forkonomy() w/ Lee TzuTung) TaiPei
Mar 2024 A Spiralling Revolution: Technology, Culture and Crisis Jnanapravaha Mumbai
Jan-May 2024 Exhibition & Artist Talk:《Hello, Human 你好,人類》, The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
Jan 2024 Performance lecture - in conversation w/ Rachel O'Dwyer Transmediale, Berlin
Nov 2023 Defining and Translating p5.js via collective community practice w/ Koundinya Dhulipalla London
Oct 2023 Matsudo International Art Science Festival 2023 Japan
Sep 2023 Homeland in Transit: Artists from Hong Kong, Taipei, and the Diaspora Germany
Sep 2023 Aesthetic Programming workshop - w/ Lee Tzu-Tung & Geoff Cox Delfina Foundation, London
Sep 2023 Forkonomy() - ver 4 workshop w/ Lee Tzu-Tung esc medien kunst labor, Austria
Sep 2023 Ars Electronica Linz
Sep 2023 Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities Conference UK
May 2023 WRO 2023 Biennale Fungible Content / Fungible Content Poland
21 Apr 2023 Computational writing and publishing talk/workshop @ Utrecht University (w/ Geoff Cox) NL
6 Mar 2023 Queering Bash Workshop @ University of Sussex + Full Stack Feminism (w/ Mara Karagianni) UK
Feb 2023 Artist talk as part of summer school data relations, ACCA Australia
23 Jan 2023 Talk @ University of Sussex UK
6 Dec 2022 Online Panel - Blockchain & DAOs @ Deepwaters of Digital Oceans (w/ Lee Tzu Tung) Linz
28 Nov 2022 Online Panel - "micro-autonomous art practices and inquiries around P2P", organized by Zimu Zhang Hong Kong
11 Feb - 17 Jun 2023 Breaking The Binaries, Science Gallery Australia
Dec 2022 - Mar 2023 Data Relations, ACCA Australia
13-26 Nov 2022 Love+: Awakening, curated by Kalen Lee, Hong Kong Art Center Hong Kong
11 Oct 2022 Conversations on Care, NordiCHI20222 Denmark
30 Sep - 2 Oct 2022 The production of Post Truth @ Ugly Duck, curated by Sophia Charap London
Sep 2022 Aesthetic Programming for SOFTer Futures @ FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel
Aug 2022 Forkonomy() - version 3 (w/ Lee Tzu Tung) @ Artlab Ban South Korea