Code Contract: Flight Delay

Title: Code Contract: Flight Delay
Year of production: 2022
Programming, Codework

:: Description ::

In collaboration with Megan Ma

Code Contract: Flight Delay is a codework, considering natural and computer languages as playful and aesthetic materials. Recently, the advent of computational law has brought to surface the prospect of “law as code.” This begs the question: can law exist in a form outside of natural language? If so, could programming languages be used to write the law? By following closely with the commercial flight delay policy, we have employed the technique of code poetry to create and reimagine a new form of legal text. The code contract is executable with the attention to source code writing, console log display and generative visual, critiquing the imbalance of power, the vagueness of contractual terms, and often the failures of the insurance claims process.

Link to the work

Link to the original insurance policy

:: Technical Production ::

  • Written in p5.js, HTML, CSS

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