Queer Motto API

Title: Queer Motto API: To know exactly how many times to cry
Year of production: 2021
API (software as service)

by Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard feat. Cristina Cochior

:: Description ::

“Queer Motto API” software-as-service lets you develop websites and applications to retrieve and display allied mottos for; urban dreams lying in wait, anti-facist guiding principles of living, queer love ethics, authoritarian resistances, unsettling normative computational culture, revolutions, political movements, destruction of smart city infrastructures, class struggles, municipal identities, art practices, joyful engagements and violent direct action.

Our mandate:

  • undisciplined and vulnerable,
  • reorganise your collective life and fight injustices in the present,
  • NAP and be RESTful,
  • render computers unusable,
  • refuse tokenisms,
  • (re)externalise risks,
  • make use of accident and injury,
  • networks of pleasure,
  • launch relentless attacks.


Thank you; have a nice day!

For more about the Queer Motto API, see our manual here

Queer Service Team:

The project is commissioned by Transmediale in 2020-2021. Thanks to Nora O Murchú, Yidi Tsao, Anky Heidenreich, Holga Heißmeyer, Seda Gürses, Eric Snodgrass, Kara Keeling, an earlier version was imagined with Joasia Krysa Exhibition Research Lab