What is an image?

Title: What is an image?

Year of production: 2021

Medium: Diagram in Print (12236 x 2370 pixels)

In collaboration with Geoff Cox

This piece is a response to the changing ontology of the image, as part of the Nordic Journal of Aesthetics which is edited by Jacob Lund. This work takes the pedagogic materials and structures them into 7 clusters: Algorithmic image, Post-image, Nonhuman image, What is an image?, Poor image, Operative image and Networked image. Using the programming DOT language script, the work is a diagram but simutaneously is a piece of source code, rendering the ontological and spatial relations as a “programmable image”.

See the source code here

See the full image here

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Soon, W., & Cox, G. (2021). What Is an Image?. The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, 30(61-62), 196–201. Retrieved from https://tidsskrift.dk/nja/article/view/127898